A Southern Style Catering and Event Company with a vintage twist!

A Southern Style Catering and Event Company with a vintage twist!

A Southern Style Catering and Event Company with a vintage twist! A Southern Style Catering and Event Company with a vintage twist!
Kombi Keg (RVA)

Kombi Keg (RVA)

It’s not a party without the Kombi Keg!

Kombi Keg RVA | Richmond is a mobile bar offering a unique service for your wedding, party, corporate function, local/sporting event, festival, or any other special occasion where Norma Jean can get your party started!  Norma Jean, our beautifully restored 1970 Kombi, is the epitome of classic style, with a sophisticated twist of vintage and ready to make your next event a memorable one.  Enjoy a practical and convenient way to serve icy cold draft beer, cider, soft drinks, water and even wine!

Serve your next event in style, Kombi Style

Kombi Keg includes:

• An instant chill beer cooling system

• 6 beer taps capable of connecting to sixth, quarter or half barrel kegs of beer, cider and even wine!

• Food grade C02 gas to pressurize the kegs

• 5Gal kegs for home brew, soft drinks or water

• 3 drinks tubs in the rear of the Kombi, full of ice ready to put your cans or bottles in.

• Bench top options

• Rooftop TV

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Brookwood House

About the Brookwood House

Brookwood House is a breathtaking property tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. Designed by Adam Cohen, an architect specializing in Passive House technique, Brookwood House is an environmentally conscious retreat space designed to bring peace and relaxation back to the lives of its guests.

Boones Mill was referred to as the "moonshine capital of the world" during prohibition, and Brookwood itself has quite a history in the community. It's rumored that the original resident paid his contractors in moonshine, kept pet monkeys, and earned a reputation of a colorful lifestyle. The property went through a breathtaking transformation, but its heart has endured.

See for yourself by joining those who have met with the nearly 8,000 square feet of spacious, warming energy. We've curated the ideal space to relax, unwind, and express yourself creatively. Brookwood has maintained it's reputation as an ideal setting for art, music, and simple rest. There's a stone-wrapped pool overlooking the natural water of back creek (an ideal place to swim) and a jacuzzi-style bathtub in the master suite. There's a fire pit outside and a fireplace inside to warm up.

Brookwood's kitchen is a chef's dream. Marble countertops in swirls of pink and grey are the focal point of an extensive kitchen island, paralleled by a rich dark cherry bar. A four burner gas range and oven are one option, but there's also another gas range with two burners and it's own grill. Holiday dinners are much more fun to make when you have Brookwood's kitchen at your disposal! You can also refer to the guidebook if you prefer someone else to do the cooking, as there are some truly incredible restaurants just minutes away.

It's important to note that Brookwood is a fragrance-free home. By booking with us, you agree to comply with our frangrance policy. We require all guests take a break not only from their busy lives, but also chemical irritants that are present in products we use every day. We provide fragrance-free soap, shampoo, and conditioner for our guests to use while staying at Brookwood, as well as fragrance-free laundry products. Please refrain from bringing any toiletries or cleaning products that contain ANY man-made fragrance chemicals. Your body and mind with thank you!

Visit Brookwood and find the connection with your loved ones. Spend the time you've earned for yourself maximizing your potential to re-charge: spend it at Brookwood House.